TMA Seva, economic development, water, non-profit
TMA Seva, economic development, water, non-profit
TMA Seva, economic development, water, non-profit
TMA Seva, economic development, water, non-profit
TMA Seva, economic development, water, non-profit
TMA Seva, economic development, water, non-profit
TMA Seva, economic development, water, non-profit

Our Mission

TMA is a nonprofit corporation founded in 2005 to help impoverished villagers of the Thane District of India who suffer from lack of clean water, severe malnutrition of their young and elderly, inadequate education, few opportunities for income generation, malicious methods of money lenders, and subsquent depression and malcontent. 
TMA partners with Indian organization who are the "boots on the ground" to provide meaningful social work interventions, education, and training to address these crises.
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TMA Launching Renewable Energy Project

The continuing escalation in demand for energy in rural India has serious consequences, especially in terms of air quality, resrouces, and access to energy. The need to ensure sustainable development requires not only combating climate change but also eradicating energy poverty and securing energy supply.

One part of the solution is use of solar-powered LED lanterns. These lanterns are expensive to purchase so TMA, partnering with Partners in Green Development (PGD), proposes establishing a fund to purchse the parts to manufacture the items locally. The enerprise, managed by a women's self-help group in Nimboli, Thane District, will provide work for youth in a culture where jobs are scarce.

For more information, click on the Cottage Industries project page.

Installation of Unique Rope & Washer Pump

In June 2011, TMA with the assistance of Partners in Green Development (PGD) installed a unique Rope & Washer Pump on community wells which will make lifting water from the wells much easier than the prevailing practice of dangling a rope  with a bucket at the end and pulling it up. Plans are afoot to teach carpenters and youth groups to fabricate this pump locally for installaation on other community wells.

Please donate to our new enterprise by contacting if you are in a western country or if you are in India.


February 2010 Update

We journeyed to India this past February and continue to be thrilled by the villagers appreciation of their biosand water filters.  We have a growing list of families that would like to have their own.  Your donations are making a profound difference in the lives of hundreds of families.  Thank you once again for your generosity!

Word is traveling among the mothers and wives that the biosand water filters provides clean water that is sweet tasting and cool.  The women are also finding that sicknesses are declining in their families.

Biosand Water Filters Ready for Delivery


How Bio Sand Water-filters are improving the lives of 400 families in Maharashtra, India…….

Biosand water filter with a very happy user

News from Jeanetta:

A few weeks ago, I tagged along with Pervez Kazi as he interviewed twenty families within Nimboli village who had received SNET Bio Sand Water-filters nearly a year ago. The overall response was extreme satisfaction with how the water filter not only improved the families’ health, but also improved the taste of their daily drinking water. Read more...

TMA aligning with local women's associations

In the Thane District of India, local women's associations already exist and are active in community affairs.  TMA is aligning itself with these groups to learn of specific needs of the villages and to involve local women in filling those needs.

Our first link is with the Nimboli Association, led by Mayor Anita Ananta Mukane.  Miss Mukane is a promoter of the TMA water purification project and has only good things to say about it. Read a testimonial from Miss Mukane - click here.  Read more...

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