TMA Launching Renewable Energy Project

The continuing escalation in demand for energy in rural India has serious consequences, especially in terms of air quality, resrouces, and access to energy. The need to ensure sustainable development requires not only combating climate change but also eradicating energy poverty and securing energy supply.

One part of the solution is use of solar-powered LED lanterns. These lanterns are expensive to purchase so TMA, partnering with Partners in Green Development (PGD), proposes establishing a fund to purchse the parts to manufacture the items locally. The enerprise, managed by a women's self-help group in Nimboli, Thane District, will provide work for youth in a culture where jobs are scarce.

For more information, click on the Cottage Industries project page.

Jeanette's Story

"In the heat of the afternoon, ten women from the old sewing class came over to see me. Of course, with my very limited Marathi and their limited English, communication was sparse. 

I asked them if either of the teachers had called them over since there were ten of them. They said no.

We were all a little frustrated not to know what the other was saying so we called a friend who speaks both languages. He found out that they came over to see how I was and if they could borrow two pair of scissors from our supply.

I invited them to have Chai tea with me but they declined. Instead they told me to follow them to Nimboli. We entered one lady's home. Here they had been meeting and sewing ever since the Principal Teacher put his old sewing machines in her house. They each had been working on a project and seemed very happy. Read more...

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