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Spring: A Time of Inspiration & Change for a Positive Future

During the Spring of each year, TMA's partners in India, Shree Nityananda Education Trust and Parivartan Mahila Sanstha, begin their yearly campaign to inspire young people to dream a new dream: a dream of better health, better education, and better work opportunities. 


Installation of Unique Rope & Washer Pump

In June 2011, TMA with the assistance of Partners in Green Development (PGD) installed a unique Rope & Washer Pump on community wells which will make lifting water from the wells much easier than the prevailing practice of dangling a rope  with a bucket at the end and pulling it up. Plans are afoot to teach carpenters and youth groups to fabricate this pump locally for installaation on other community wells.

Please donate to our new enterprise by contacting if you are in a western country or if you are in India.


February 2010 Update

We journeyed to India this past February and continue to be thrilled by the villagers appreciation of their biosand water filters.  We have a growing list of families that would like to have their own.  Your donations are making a profound difference in the lives of hundreds of families.  Thank you once again for your generosity!

Word is traveling among the mothers and wives that the biosand water filters provides clean water that is sweet tasting and cool.  The women are also finding that sicknesses are declining in their families.

Biosand Water Filters Ready for Delivery

Biosand Water Filter Mold & Lots of Filters "Curing" Read more...

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