Cottage Industries




The continuing escalation in demand for energy in rural India has serious consequences, especially in terms of air quality, resrouces, and access to energy. The need to ensure sustainable development requires not only combating climate change but also eradicating energy poverty and securing energy supply.
One part of the solution is use of solar-powered LED lanterns. These lanterns are expensive to purchase so TMA, partnering with Partners in Green Development (PGD), proposes establishing a fund to purchse the parts to manufacture the items locally. The enerprise, managed by a women's self-help group in Nimboli, Thane District, will provide work for youth in a culture where jobs are scarce.




In January 2009, a master tailor with 20 years experience supervised the first sessions of TMA's sewing and tailoring classes in Nimboli, India. The class, primarily for women, facilitated learning how to sew for families and for profit.

Ten women visited the Project Manager after the first classes were held.  Read Jeanette's story here.  She summed up the purpose of their visit quite succinctly:

“The gist of it is they [the women of Nimboli] want new sewing machines and they want to start the sewing classes again soon. They are so hungry for assistance and are showing so much drive and initiative to learn. 

Sadly, as of August 2011 the Muriel Manning Tailoring School was closed. Another organization in the area is holding classes in tailoring and sewing and these classes are recommended to potential students.