Traveling Librarian Teaching Children in Rural India How to Use Library

We need your support to keep Dinesh doing what he loves to do: helping Adivasi/First People’s children learn English. In the summer of 2011, Kitab Korner Foundation of Pune, India installed eight school libraries with over 2000 books picked to inspire children to learn English. Dinesh travels among all eight schools each week teaching children how to utilize their new asset, The Lending Library.

Remember back to a time before the internet when the library was a place where the world began to reveal itself. You can give that same delight and opportunity to impoverished tribal children here in rural India. Speaking English will be a great resource for these children when they enter the job market by helping them get onto the ladder out of poverty. Won’t you help us to help them?

We need $ US 225 dollars a month for the traveling librarian and the monthly library workshops that Learning Space Foundation provides. Please contact us with your one time or monthly donation. Any amount will help these children learn to read!

Libraries Come to Local School

In January 2011, SNET went to Saraswati School and discussed with Principal Vijay Patil, the implementation of a colorful and inviting, carpeted little library room with 300 books selected by Kitab Korner Foundation and its founders. In four days, the walls were painted, a cabinet was found. The books were purchased in Pune and delivered to the excited staff at the school. Wow, they move fast!

In early April, the dedicated administrator and teachers of Saraswathi School along with the creative and courageous staff at Learning Space sponsored seven day workshop on how to utilize a library. We heard it was such a success that by mid May, over 200 books had been checked in and out.

Next steps:

Create a proposal for installing nine more libraries in the Ganeshpuri/Kelthan area and having one librarian make rotation visits to each of them either weekly or every other week. Kitab Korner has already earmarked funds to create the nine libraries starting in June 2011. Wow. We just need to find a big hearted soul who wishes to fund this exciting project.

What is the Kitab Korner Education Foundation?

KKEF's mission is to help underprivileged children read their way to a better life. KKEF works towards this mission by establishing sustainable library centers in underprivileged communities including slums and government schools in India. Till date KKEF has established 11 library centers that have brought 3000 children an incremental 5000 books and 100 workshops across 2 Indian states.